My Talks

Talk Event/Type Date Links
Finding Imposter Among Us: Container Edition 📢 KCD Mumbai June 2023 video
Enlightning - Armoring up Your Workloads with KubeArmor 📹🎙️ Whiteboard Live Stream Episode June 2023 video
Armoring Cloud Native Workloads With LSM Superpowers 📢 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America October 2022 video
KubeArmor on Google Container Optimized OS 📹 Youtube Demo September 2022 video
Protecting Modern Workloads with eBPF superpowers 📢 IndiaFOSS 2.0 July 2022 video
Lightning Talk: Armoring Cloud Native Workloads with BPF LSM 📢 Cloud Native eBPF Day Europe May 2022 video
KubeArmor Deployment Modes 📹 Accuknox Office Hours Feb 2022 video